Looking for a new and improved way to edit a video? Do you need to optimize your video editing process? Do you want to get on the cloud bandwagon?

Nowadays, the hype about the cloud is becoming bigger and bigger by the minute. We already have cloud email, cloud backup, cloud gaming, cloud collaboration, and many more cloud services. So why not move your video editing to the cloud?

More and more cloud editing video services are becoming available on the market. Some of them are fairly priced. Many companies, including digital content studio Astudio, are moving some of their services to the cloud. Whatever your reason for editing a video is, considering a cloud option can bring you many benefits.

Cloud Video Editing Pros

  1. Convenient Import And Easy Sharing

Working with a video on a cloud involves quick response. Besides, you have all the editing tools in one place without having to pass back and forth between programs. The convenient drag-and-drop import and an even quicker social media sharing save you plenty of time.

  1. Editor Collaboration

If you are not working on the video alone, sending half-baked files for checking and approval takes too much time and effort on the team’s part. When your video is located on the cloud, anyone with access can check it and make edits in real time. All you have to do is share a file.

  1. Easy Storage

With cloud video editors, you don’t need to worry about backing up your data. In fact, you never have to think of it. The cloud editor providers have a variety of ways to keep your videos safe without your participation.

  1. Low Cost

Depending on which video editor you decide to choose, you can save a substantial amount of money on editing. You can take advantage of the pay-per-minute scheme, which charges you only when you are working on the video.

  1. Low Learning Curve

The majority of cloud video editors have an intuitive interface, which is easy to understand for amateurs.

Cloud Video Editing Cons

  1. Lack Of Some Professional Features

Desktop video editing has been with us for decades. Many powerful features have been developed over time. Today cloud video editors are struggling to offer as many options as their desktop counterparts, but none of them managed to introduce high-level features just yet. Firewall Technical experts believe that if you need to create a big-volume professional video, cloud editors may not be the best choice. Meanwhile, amateur users appreciate the low learning curve and a big basic feature variety.

  1. Slow Work

When you are working with large video files, some cloud editors can’t handle the size quickly. This results in delays. Upload times are slow. Your work depends on the Internet connection quality. However, the editing itself is usually fast.

  1. Storage and Cost

While small companies and amateur users can appreciate the storage possibilities and the low editing costs, large companies can experience a reverse effect. If the company already has a variety of servers and editing software in place, switching to a cloud video editor doesn’t make any sense.

Cloud video editing is at its dawn. That’s why today it’s mostly suitable for amateur users and marketers. With time, it’s bound to be perfected to appeal to large video production companies as well.