In October 2017, one of the leading software giants in the world, Oracle, introduced Blockchain Cloud Service. The new service can help the company be on par with such industry leaders as IBM and Microsoft.

Blockchain technology is taking the world by the storm, making a variety of services more efficient. Initially created as the technology behind Bitcoin, it spread to give enterprises new opportunities. Contemporary businesses require transparent yet hack-proof online transactions to improve their function and boost profits. Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service allows its clients to do just that and a lot more.

This service is part of the Oracle Cloud Platform. A user signs up for the service and receives an opportunity to use the platform for building a blockchain network. Oracle takes the responsibility for managing the infrastructure of the network. The user can go further to create smart contracts to suit its businesses as well as applications.

Oracle guarantees a high-tech and all-encompassing blockchain service platform. The company promises a highly secure and scalable product, which is easy to integrate with other applications used by the customers.

Oracle is recommending the companies to move their operations to a new level with the assistance of its Blockchain Cloud Service. The service will allow them to share the information and monitor the operations outside the Oracle Cloud as well as within it. Oracle recently started working with Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger, which gives the clients extra value in regards to open source effort and innovations.

The specialist of Bedrock IT commented, “Blockchain is about to transform the way the business is done. Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service allows the companies to speed up the optimization for ERP and cloud-based SaaS and PaaS clients.”

What can businesses expect from Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service?

  • Business optimization and improved operations. The service promises smooth running, high availability, and immediate recoverability.
  • Faster innovation implementation using cloud apps. The cloud apps are expected to give the customers access to untapped revenue resources. Oracle proves and Application Integration toolkit for quick and seamless integrations of Blockchain apps to Oracle SaaS.
  • Faster business processes due to real-time information distribution through Oracle products, such as ERP and SCM Clouds and Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform.
  • Reduced risk due to decentralized highly secure transactions. Reliable data sharing inside and outside the enterprise ecosystem.
  • Reduced transaction expenses due to the use of blockchain technology.
  • Staying on top of the game due to Oracle’s constant monitoring of innovations the world of blockchain technologies.
  • Simplified operations due to the ability to solve the issues using real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Quick development of new blockchain operations

Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service is the next important step in the enterprise evolution. It fundamentally changes a variety of business processes, making them simpler and accessible for further innovation and optimization.