The right presentation, to potential clients, employees or business partners, can close a deal very fast. Gone are the days when you had to bring your hard copy charts and boards to a meeting in the name of presentation. There are many software applications to make your presentations look interesting and fun. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications make presentations easier, professional, and engaging. Since the applications are cloud-based, you get to use them as a service and hence no need to develop one of your own in-house. There are top cloud-based SaaS software applications, popular for corporate presentations, you can use to stand out in the corporate world. They include:


It offers a great platform to showcase your presentations to your audience. The animation bit of this cloud-based application helps you to create slides and videos that your audience can relate to and understand. It has a unique feature, where it utilizes pathway points instead of slides to bring out the best quality of videos which adds to the great experience. The animations are eye-catching which will keep your audience attentive and at the same time entertaining.


This tool takes presentations to the next level. It is mainly used by businesses and companies for brand-related presentations. It has a unique feature, which allows you to include the brand logo of a company in the slides. This adds more value to your presentation and thus easy to achieve your presentation goals. It gives you more leverage when coming up with tailored presentations based on the message you want to send out about your company.


It has multiple online tools, which allows users to create charts and images within a short period. In order to boost how your audience, interact with your presentations, you will need to make it simple and clear. Users of this software can create complex or simple graphics and charts within a seconds without having to employ more staff. On top of that, you can add files or import from Google Drive or Excel to create your slides for the purpose of presentation.


It is a great tool to make presentations for marketers. It makes their work easier as they are able to get feedback, on the same platform, from customers. Apart from being simple to use, it allows marketing experts to develop and customize their presentations in a way they see fit.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It is one of the most widely known and used tools in corporate presentations. Due to its simple user interface and its ability to allow users to customize slides, it works well when you want to make presentations for your company. The best thing about this software application is how simple it is to use. As a Microsoft product, it is compatible with all other Microsoft products which makes it a real deal for any corporate event that requires presentation.

There are many cloud-based SaaS presentation tools, which you can use to make your presentations stand out. However, you have to consider factors such as price, scalability, security, and the level of integration when searching for the best software. Luckily, most of them are highly scalable and you only pay for the services or features you are using.