Today you will hardly find an industry that was not affected by cloud computing: it was the first step towards decentralization and almost every tech-savvy company today uses cloud to store files, deploy and run applications. Companies can set up offices literally anywhere as they no longer need to keep server rooms, maintenance and a lot of staff to keep it going.

Blockchain: New Serverless Cloud

While cloud computing had decentralized workforce, blockchain created computation networks that are transparent and secure through a distributed ledger system. These new computation network promise to deliver stronger reliability as they are unhackable and democratic.

For instance Etherium, one of blockchain platforms provides access to Blockchain via the EVM. EVM has tools which allow the building of decentralized applications, also called Dapps. These Dapps run their backend code using the blockchain. This means that application does not operate on a single server, running various parts of the application on different servers and computers. As the application backend is not owned by a single server or computer, it is not possible to corrupt or hack.

Cloud vs Blockchain: New Level Of Decentralization

While the cloud had made it possible for enterprises to operate without the server on its premises, moving it elsewhere, blockchain distributes the processing all across the globe instead of a specific server room.

This means that the blockchain has the potential to deliver smarter and more secure internet technologies and applications. Therefore the widespread opinion that cryptocurrency adds no value has no truth to it: blockchain has the potential to add value in every aspect and industry, harnessing computing power, delivering safer internet technologies. There is the possibility of creating a blockchain network that would act as a new internet cloud with enhanced security.

So the new multi-trillion dollar industry is already knocking on the door. With plenty of new ICO’s, more more and industries adopting blockchain technologies, it won’t be too long before we see the new decentralized cloud computing solutions.